About Us



Hello! I'm Seana Pedelaborde, the founder and designer of the Amano Studio, handcrafted in California brand.  Having grown up in the San Francisco Bay Area with DIY'er, hippie parents, I've always been imbued with a strong  maker's ethic of self sufficiency.  I guess that's why after graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in Anthropology, I set out to make my own future with my creativity and my hands.  At  Amano Studio, our jewelry is made with recycled metals, vintage components and upcycled materials.  We love our Mother Earth so we use recyclable packing materials including "plastic" made from plant material.  My design inspiration comes from the street and the runway and most of all, the beauty of the California landscape.  At Amano Studio we love our community so we give back to our little town of Sonoma California.  We support local schools and generously support the local homeless shelter SOS.  At Amano Studio we believe Love is the Answer!