About Us

A Mano Trading
 Hi I'm Seana.  In 1997, armed with a credit card and a degree in Anthropology from UC Berkeley, I set out to conquer
the world. I founded A Mano Trading a fair trade imports company.  A Mano gave me the vehicle to  pursue youthful

dreams of social justice and earn a little money while I expolored my first love: Mexico.


Amano Studio since 2007
In 2007  my jewelry designer sister,  Tara Brown and I started the Amano Studio brand.   We
 discovered that it was possible to produce beautiful, quality and reasonably priced jewelry right here in the USA (bueno, bonito y barato as they say in Mexico ;)     The metals we use are mostly recycled (as are nearly ALL jewelry metals by the way) and we also use vintage and salvaged components when possible.  


Charlene, with a background in costume design and
film production, is the lead Maker.

Shane, who has been making jewelry since he was 9 (but also studied culinary arts in Paris after high school), is as fast at assembling jewelry as he is charming at the tradeshows (you may have met him in NY).

Sonja who is also a professional color consultant has proven to be adept with a pair of pliers as well as a color wheel.  She is the funniest German I've ever met.

Amy, with a degree in jewelry design from San Francisco Academy of Art, has a lot to teach us all.  She helps with the details of developing new designs and coordinating production with our RI production partners.

Sarah, who takes the beautiful photos.

And lately Marla a high school art teacher who has been collaborating with me on a project soon to be unveiled.

Oh yeah, and my sister Michelle who helps keep our books straight

Amano Studio is but a small and humble enterprise,  but it is also a lean, mean machine.  We work very hard to provide the best quality, price and customer service we possibly can.  The rewards reaped from our efforts allow me to continue to entertain my youthful dreams of social justice by offering Amano employees paid holidays, sick time and vacation, and a 401k plan.   Of course it is only possible with the support of our customers.
Thank you, thank you, my heart sings!